Another FAB block!

Norm and his block made by Berene

I had heard about this block  from a couple of stitchy buddies who said Berene was sewing up something waaaaay wicked for Norm’s quilt block. She sent me a sneaky peek and whoa- like how freakin’ awesome & perfectly rock n’ roll is this- a tattoo name block!! She even had a funny story to share about and making a block for a guy she hadn’t met and was it weird that his name is on it …. no way josé it’s so brilliant! Norm wants it in the centre of his quilt, it’s gonna be a total knockout this quilt I tell ya!!

Here’s another pic of the block on it’s own- soooooo cool! Thank you so much again Berene, you rocked it out big time! :D

block by Berene


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    It’s an amazing block, indeed! All I can say is, I’m sure glad I’d sent off my blocks before Berene shared this at the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild meeting last week! I’m glad my blocks will be there in a supporting role to show off this superstar block!

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    Eeek! So excited to see that the mysterious Norm has tatts! Now I’m wishing that I had embroidered some swirly black details on it. I didn’t want to go too hard core with it, but seeing (parts of) him in the flesh it looks like I could have pushed it a tad further. :-)

    I think that all the blocks are going to look awesome together. I’m very grateful to be a part of this merry band of bee-ists.

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    She DID totally rock Norm’s block! Hope that doesn’t sound too racy.
    Wait until she explains just exactly how she constructed it, the loon. This will be an amazing quilt!!!

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    It is totally AMAZING block! Norm is one lucky duck!… but I still think he should flash us his baby blues…er brown, or are they green? See we don’t even know what colour his eyes are, come on Norm, show us! pretty please?


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