Lazy all the day

I am going to be really freaking lazy and direct you to my wonderful buddy Carol’s blog for a wrap up of our Happy ZombieĀ aka Monica Solorio-Snow visit this past weekend! Go have a look, start at that post & work your way forward through the awesomeness…. So much fun! You might also want to […]

Creative Stitches shopping loot!

Oh boy, this year at Creative Stitches I really, really, really tried to be restrained, knowing I had a package coming from Warp and Weft Sewing Society- omg and what a package- more on that to come!- but of course, I found a few things I could not live without, as you do at these […]

Creative Stitches Show round up!

Oh my gosh what a past few weeks! Our guild was honoured to be featured at the Creative Stitches Show at Tradex in Abbotsford this past weekend. Leading up to the show was a flurry of work, organizing, emails- oh the emails!-confirmations, checking and rechecking, and preparation. Our team and guild really came thru in […]