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I realized I haven’t reported any progress on my ongoing crafty projects lately. I’ve been trying to keep on top of everything and slowly getting things done. My work work is caught up to date, and I have a bit of free – me- art- time this afternoon – yippee!! I am trying to switch my brain from thinking of my art as a hobby and more of a business. I am getting paid- yay!- to do some art commissions so I am moving them to work work projects. I’m finding it’s a bit hard to make that switchover! I’ve always done my art projects on weekends or after work time, but now- I am making the move to a real life working “art” artist, along with my regular work of fabric design, web/graphic design & illustration and can do art during working hours too! Interesting balance for sure. I’m sure I’ll find the swing of things- it’s one of my goals this year to do just this! Anyway!

First, progress on my needlepoint, which I “poke” away at at night infront of the tv.


I am using all thrifted needlepoint/crewel yarns so there are some variations in the red heart, which there is supposed be some according to the pattern, I just mixed it up a bit more- problem with thrifted yarn is that there wasn’t enough of any one shade of red so I made it work and I like the painterly look it has now. I’m working on the flames around the heart, then it’ll be on to the background- which I may have to get very creative with unless I actually do buy enough of one colour to fill it all in. It’s very slow going but I love the way it’s coming out so far!

Next, the Fab Bee! My month is April and I am starting to receive some very fab blocks, check it out!

fab bee quilt so far

I even put up a little design wall in my sewing room- Superstore has fuzzybacked tablecloths for $8 so I picked one up and voila! Perfect place to play. The top two blocks in this pic are from Sherri (she doesn’t have a blog- yet!), and the three near the bottom are from Darlene. Thank you both again so very much, they look soooo great, and all together so cool- I can’t wait to see how this quilt will turn out all finished- exciting!!

Next! A new pet portrait for my friend Kristin, aka Rackycoo of Craftster & Alpha Stamps fame. We met via Craftster and did a few swaps and I always loved what she did for me- and she is a fellow cosmo (the martini) lover- mmmmm cosmos!!


Stelllllaaaaa!! Heehee, it is on it’s way to Kristin in Georgia, it might even arrive some time this week- fingers crossed! SO happy with how it turned out! In exchange, Kristin is creating some of her awesome halloween art for me- I can’t wait!!!

And lastly, but not leastly, I whipped up this funky messenger bag from the February issue of Mollie Makes.
mollie makes messenger bag

I used some thrifted fabrics, and some japanese import- the polkadots which came printed in the 2 colours on the same chunk of fabric- coolio!- and some scrappy bits I picked up at the last fabric by the pound sale at Quilt Essential. I didn’t follow the pattern exactly, I noticed in the photos of the bag there were some with a tab with a D-ring attached so you can tie the strap and adjust the length, so I added that, plus I changed up the overall construction a bit. I’m super happy with how it came out! :D

Oh yes! And in case you were wondering, my new fabric collection is online here if you want a little sneak peek! SO excited, I can’t wait for it to be out there and I am loving seeing it appearing online! :D

Whew! More to come once I have it completed, 3 big art submissions all due for June 1- holy crapoly I better get busy!!

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    You always do such awesome stuff. I’m glad work and art are merging though. SO cool. (Also working on your blocks! I need to finish them up and get them posted!)


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