Sari Silks challenge, FVMQG & Steamtrunk Craftworks

Our modern quilt guild, the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild, is doing  a challenge with the wonderful Steamtrunk Craftworks. Cathy so generously supplied those of us who wanted to participate with a skein of 5 yards of sari silk ribbon, that cool recycled sari fabric ribbon, and the only rules were that we had to “make something” with it, and send her a photo by mid-March.

I was lucky enough to get 2 packs so I am doing 2 projects. I have been getting a few minutes here and there to sew, which is great. The first project I’m doing is a table runner, and I took a bunch of the silk strips and ironed them all flat. BestPress really comes in handy with this as if you’re familiar with the ribbons, it’s all wrinkly and bunchy in long skinny strips sewn end to end. Iron the stuff and it seems to wrinkle back up almost right away so Best Press really flattened it out and made it stay flat. I love that stuff. Yay!

Sari silks challenge with the FVMQG & Steamtrunk Craftworks- my project is a table runner, in progress #fvmqgI cut the ribbons into the lengths according to where the strips were sewn together (it’s recycled so there are different lengths and shades all sewn end to end) as I  ironed, then I sewed a bunch of those strips together lengthwise, and I added a couple of strips from my own stash of sari silk ribbons too, not much, just a couple to add some interest. Then I cut those down into narrow widths, to get a kind of “stack of coins” effect.  Next I started adding chunks of solids in coordinating colours and a couple clashers like the lime green and light turquoise, plus some dark purple star print I found in our last guild destash.

I have it laid out and ready to start sewing together, and I think my plan is to quilt it with little stars, that might change but so far that’s what I am thinking. I keep thinking Twinkle twinkle little star in my head as I sew on it.

My next project is a Friendship bracelet- if you were a child/ teen of the early 80’s like me you might have made a bunch like I did with embroidery floss. I found a book at the thrift store with a bunch of different patterns for them and I thought it might work with the ribbons.

Sari silks challenge project 2- friendship bracelet #fvmqg I started by measuring a length- the book says use about the length of your arm from fingers to shoulder. I cut them a bit longer just in case, then cut the strips lengthwise into 2 pieces so they weren’t so bulky. You need 6 strands, 2 each of 3 colours, so I did 4 strips of sari silks and 2 lengths of handspun yarn from a remnant I had leftover from a knitting project, to add some texture but also to reduce bulk. Then I got started tying lots of knots following the pattern in the book, and voila!

I found when it was done it really wanted to curl and twist in a spiral so I gave it a spray with BestPress again (no I’m not a spokesperson in any way for BestPress, I just love it) then steamed it like crazy and it flattened right out. Then I finished off the ends, sewed on a clasp, a glass heart charm, and glued on some bitty Swarovski flatback stones and this project is done! Really fun to make, I think I might make a couple more to add to my Etsy shop.

More to come!


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