Stick a pin in it

dressform pincushion

My friend Eryn sent me this fantastic  pattern a while ago for a dressform pincushion, by The DIY Dish. (You can get the patt free there too!) So cute! I didn’t have the right kind of candlestick on hand to use for it, so when my mum and I went thrifting this weekend, I scored the perfect one, and  for just $1! Today after work I got busy and whipped up this funky  chick to sit on my sewing table.



I love it! It was really easy to make and I had fun adding a few extra dangly charms- like some tiny scissors I bought online from Art Chix Studios. I added some extra faux crystals to the base too (since it was missing 3), which I just pulled some off a string of them I’ve been toting around for years that I got originally from the Christmas decor section at Ikea!

Cheap and cheerful, that’s how I like it. Go make one, you know you wanna! Winkwink!


  1. # 1 flovalvin

    C’est très très joli…J’adore!!

  2. # 3 Eryn

    This is fabulous!! And that is why I keep sending you links… I know you’ll make them and I won’t have to! Well, maybe since you did one, I’ll break down and make one too.


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