You might have already noticed that I have a bit of a thrift store obsession! I love scouring them for interesting finds and lately I’ve been looking for things with good “bones” that I can give makeovers to. Norm and I went out and about last month-ish and I found these wood plates, my guess is that they were practice for a woodturner maybe?


They are all different in different ways. They were stuck in a dark corner in a dusty old bin and looked like they needed some love so I grabbed a few and left a few for somebody else to discover.  I’ve decided that they need to be little quote-y art pieces so each one is getting some paint and some words.


I found these awesome wood plates at the local thrift, look like a wood lathe practice- turning them into little quotey arts, in my element with handlettering! #bliss

I got busy painting and had fun with the lettering- oh how I love handlettering!

Paint part is done, drying, then shabbying up!! So much fun!

I also unabashedly love bling and shiny things. Who doesn’t? Hehe! So I added some pretty metallic gold paint.

Skip ahead a few steps- I can’t give away all of my time and practice-earned secrets!- and it’s finished!


I’m so stoked with how it turned out!

I’ll have a few for sale- well 4 to be exact as that is how many plates I have on hand – at the two upcoming craft shows I’m in- check out the Events links in the sidebar over there to your right for info on dates, time & locations! And, they are truly one of a kind- each plate is different and each will have a different design on it, so once it’s gone, it’s gone! They are all handpainted and designed by me, a little piece of art, and one of a kind.

And! Here’s a sneak peek in progress shot of some more goodies I have coming along, some sweet little chalkboards!


My brother Tom is an amazing woodworker and cabinet maker  (he’s very busy hence not a lot of updates lately!) and he let me raid his scraps for these little guys and even did all the hard parts of cutting them out for me! Thanks bruv!

They are almost done- and have been shabbied up a bit since this photo- just need some hangers attached and they’ll be ready to go. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and hope you can come see me in person next month!
If you’re not local and really wanna get something you’ve seen and have to have? I will be adding more items to my shop asap leading up to and after the shows, and will have some of my promised quilts coming online soon too! More soon!

Somethin’ I’m working on, I found these wood plates super cheap at the thrifts the other day-perhaps a woodlather’s practice pieces-  so I’m turning them into little quote-y arts. I haven’t been running up to speed, my back is still twingeing so am going at it slowly…. got craft fair space to fill up and a bazillion other things to get done that  

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Holiday markets x 2! Come see me!

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is coming! Our Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming weekend already! It’s not even Halloween yet! A few things going on, first, I gibbled my back so it’s really put a cramp in my style. I had a plan to have a big crafty clear out leading up to Thanksgiving, selling quilts and a few other  

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