Oh my gosh.

You’ll never guess what our amazing quilt guild did for me and Lysa on Thursday night. Total surprise and such an honour, they made us both quilts and gave them to us as appreciation quilts for us, the founders of our guild, the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild. Wow. What an amazing gift and what a thrill!

Oh my gosh, our wonderful guild made me and @lysaflower appreciation quilts as a 4 year anniversary gift ! Massively proud of our amazing guild and huge thank you to all members who made them! ????

There were hushed goings on and they had secret sew ins to get them assembled and quilted. People were slyly handing over blocks to the project planners at meetings when we weren’t looking.

quilt n me

quilt front

Everyone made a block with special fabrics and added in special touches like my initial, some french macarons, and even some of my first fabric collection with Robert Kaufman!

quilt back

The back is loaded with signature blocks and comments from each person who made a block. And I love the numbers fabric incorporated into it, indicating all the members of our amazing guild.

Binding was procured and supplies passed along to the quilters Cathy (the lead mastermind behind the project!) and Bonnie, and finished before our big 4 year anniversary meeting this week. They were presented to us mid-meeting- and holy cow! You can sure feel the love, thought, care, and attention, radiating from them!

me and quiltSuch a wonderful and thoughtful gift, full of friends and their kindness.

You may not know the story behind it, but Lysa and I met thru another local modern guild that was just starting, when their president introduced us to carpool in to the city to attend their first meeting. We chatted by email and we hit it off- dude, Lysa dressed and Frida Kahlo- Frida Kahlo!- for a dead celebrities party she went to that year-  right there I knew I found my peeps! We went to that meeting, just having met in person that night, and realized there had to be more of us who love modern style in the valley where we live, and decided to start our guild. 4 years later and wow! Our members are simply amazing. Many have been with us since the very start.


Our guild has always been a little different. From the beginning we focussed on being friendly, open, casual, and kind. No drama, no politics, leave them at the door please. We weren’t so focussed on quick growth and numbers of members like some guilds tend to be.  Everyone is welcome, always. If you need help, there are always people who step in right away, no questions asked, happy and willing. If you need volunteers, you got ‘em. Heck if you need some fabric you ran short of for a project, ask and likely somebody will have it and be willing to share. Time and again with different events we’ve done, our members show up and work towards getting whatever it is done, and done well to best represent our group. We often hear comments about us being the “fun” guild, that’s what we intended, as our craft should be fun. No quilt police, no drama queens, no outside personal agendas, or power struggles. Just one group working together, having fun together, and enjoying the love of modern quilting. And that’s what it’s all about!

This past year has been a big one for our guild, we officially went formal and became a society. We’re the first modern guild in BC to do that, and that’s really awesome. Lysa and I stepped back from handling pretty much all  of the behind the scenes workings of the guild and passed along duties to our wonderful new exec who have taken them and run with them. I’m still involved as VP, and Lysa is on the programmes committee, but we’re somewhat on the sidelines, by choice. Things are exciting and going forward full speed ahead, how awesome, purely and simply awesome. I can’t wait to see where we go, it’s going to be fun I know that!

Wishing all of our members a huge heartfelt thank you, for all that you do and for being a part of our guild. With massive thanks for this amazing love-filled quilt, which will be treasured forever! And here’s to many more years of fun and quilting together!

Yesterday we headed out and about to check out the local thrifts. The usual hot spots we visit weren’t so hot, one is getting ready to close and move to a new location so it was quite empty, and the others we visited seemed really empty too. I found a couple of things though!

We had been out driving around a couple of weekends ago and drove past an interesting looking place but couldn’t get to it- crazy traffic and couldn’t turn at the right spot, so we didn’t go! I know! So we retraced our steps and found it again, sadly another thrift closing, but it didn’t disappoint!
Since it was closing, they had a whole whack of stuff out in the parking lot area marked “free”!

We scoured the boxes and found these little guys peeking out, they came home with us of course. After a bath and a good scrub they are as cute as can be!

We came across a thrift store that is closing and these little birdies were in the "free" box! #thriftscore

Then inside,  I spotted this lovely glass lidded jar/candy bowl. Nothing had prices on it so I decided I wouldn’t pay more than $5 for it, the price they wanted was $4- sold!
Another find at the closing thrift , a glass candy/apothecary, $4!She cleaned up nicely! I think it’ll be filled with seasonal things like halloween candy or vintagey Christmas ornaments, we’ll see what happens!

Some other goodies I found, this cute quilty patterned tin for .50¢, and two wooden things, the angel, and the little box- another freebie- to revamp and make pretty.

A couple more thrift finds, quilty patterned tin and wood pieces to be revamped!And that was our day of thrifting!


I worked away on my Chillingsworth skeleton quilt all weekend!

Today's progress on Professor Chillingsworth #halloween

Up on the design wall. I realized this weekend I tend to make a lot of my quilts the same size and shape of the small design wall (vinyl fuzzy back table cloth) I have. It’s a good quilt size and proportion!

Finished top, hurrah!

Here’s the finished top. When I made all the wonky flying geese in the first border, I had a huge pile of scrap trimmings left over, so I sewed them all together into wonky HST’s, then into triangles, and made the second triangle-y border on the top and right side. I still had some left, so they went into the back.
I added a piano key border of all the strips of prints I had left from making the geese blocks as well. I used all kinds of prints, most aren’t specifically Halloween designs, I just went by colour and overall look and feel, not by theme. I even used a black and white batik- gasp! (lower right corner- and throughout- the black with white circles- modern batiks are cool!).

Then I sandwiched him all up and got busy quilting!

Quilting the Chillingsworth quilt, citron cobwebs so far! #freemotionismyfavorite

I’m doing cobwebs and swirlies with freemotion quilting, to add an extra creepy and whimsical old time Halloween feel.

Filling in with swirlies and cobwebs! #fmqI got this super cool citron colour thread when I was at the wholesaler, and last time I went, I bought a whole cone of it. For such a bright colour, it really blends in overall, I just love it. (It’s by Countess, 100% cotton, lovely weight and hardly any lint!)

So that’s where I got to with him yesterday, when I ran out of bobbin thread and called it quits for the afternoon.

I hope to finish the quilting this afternoon after work, more  then!