I just got my print samples of my new collection I have just added for sale on Spoonflower, Modern Eclectic!

modern eclectic

These samples were printed on their cotton poplin, I like how it prints a bit brighter than the regular cotton.

Also, I have done up some test prints with thanks to my dear friend Bea who suggested I try printing some of my paintings onto linen cotton canvas at Spoonflower, and making tea towels, genius or what! Will have a couple up for sale shortly in my shop, and more goodies to come in the New Year including prints! Also, if you really want to make some of your own, I have the fabric for sale in my shop, you’ll need to order a full yard and you get 4 full prints plus a slice extra that makes up the extra wide yard of fabric.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 1.42.53 PM

happy happy!

Goodness for today from tut.com, Notes from the Universe- sign up if you haven’t already, it’s super inspiring and cool notes arrive every week day in your inbox, love!

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My latest piece in progress, it’s getting there! I’m hoping to have it done by later today or tomorrow if all goes according to plan. I had lost my art mojo for a while, my regular work was taking up my time then after dealing with all that  all day, trying to squeeze in 10 minutes of creative play time before dinner just wasn’t  

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