Et Voila! This piece is finished is now finished!

This piece was inspired by a photo I took on our trip to Paris a few years ago. I think it was in the area near the Catacombes, we were walking along in the hot summer sun and I spotted this flower shop being set up for the day. Can’t you just smell the blooms?

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 1.16.55 PM

You’ll notice in the painting I took a few artistic liberties, but it made it work a bit better in art form. Plus the english name on the awning just wasn’t feeling so frenchie to me, so I left it out. It’s all good!

Here’s a shot of the entire piece:

Le Fleuriste

Le Fleuriste, Paris. 22″x28″, acrylic on canvas.

And some detail shots…


centre detail


top corner detail

lower corner detail

corner closeup sig

I will have some prints of this piece available shortly, and it will also be going into a calendar I am working on for 2016.

I’m really loving the “every day” kind of scenes, just people and places as they are (or close to as they are!). Now how do I get myself back to Paris again to get some more inspiration?!

Wheee! She’s done! My Aviatrix Medallion quilt is finished! I’m calling my version “The Aviatrix Got in a Scrap”. I used a ton- a ton!- of scraps up to make this quilt, my scrap bins are now pretty empty, yay! Every single butterfly on the outer border is a different fabric for it’s “wings”, no two are  the same. I  

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Plans, schmans

Well so much for plans huh! My Alphabet art challenge has been put on a sideburner for a bit. I’m finding my work days are pretty busy lately so that obviously is coming first. My Paris painting has been sitting since the weekend but I think today I can dive back into it and make more progress on it. I did  

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