Are You A Victim Of The Pandemic?

Attitude is all. Mental attitude, regardless of what the objective is, either allows you to get there or impedes the progress of yours along with one of the most harmful attitudes any person is able to adopt is victim mentality.

What’s victim mentality?

Victim mentality is a bad attitude. It puts blame on people that are other and also situations for virtually any unhappiness felt within.” It’s the proverbial “point the finger out” situation.

All those interested in victim mentality, view life via a narrow lens of cynical perceptions, believing whatever happens in life will be the outcome of exterior causes. Inner reflection isn’t thought of. a victim suggests absolving themselves of blame. Practically nothing is the fault of theirs – ever! Those interested in victim mentality frequently benefit from the attention, validation and sympathy they receive from participating in this “poor me” function, more.…

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