A Kid Can Dream Play Grow & Smile, quilt by me!

I have been feverishly working on this quilt for the past few days to enter into a contest (more deets on that coming soon). I finally finished it up last night, binding and all!

A Kid Can Dream Play Grow Smile! Quilt by Cynthia F

I designed a collection of kids prints called Silly Munky, which I have available in my Spoonflower shop here. I wanted to show off the prints and make something fun with them so what’s better than a quilt that either a boy or a girl can enjoy! This is a 100% original design, created by me.


I used chunks of the prints, mixed with tone-on-tone-ish prints from my stash, within each word “pennant”, which I paper pieced, then did scrappy style borders on them.


Then I assembled them with white borders and did a wonky piano key scrappy border around the entire thing using more chunks of the fabrics mixed with more of the same prints from my stash. I freemotion (mostly) quilted it  with loops and hearts, mixed in with some straight lines running wonky style across the quilt. Then I did red polkadotty binding to tie it all together!

quilt with silly munky

I’m really happy with how it came out!! Here’s the back with bigger chunks of the munky prints…

silly munky quilt back

I’ll keep you posted on the contest, the deadline is today, and voting for first round finalists will be open May 1- I’ll share a link once it’s up and hope you might vote for me! :D

Depending what happens, this quilt will be the first one to go up in my etsy shop, (currently empty yikes!! Better fix that fast!) at some point! So if you’re looking for a very special pressie for a very special kid check back soon…. winkwink… I might also get energetic at some point and do up a patt for this to sell as well.

One down, 3 more submissions to go! Back to the sewing room- stitching away  in between making bread (from Company’s Coming Bread- the cover recipe!) and my mum’s yummy bean salad- nomnom! Hope your weekend is going great!


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    great little quilt there! I might be interested in a pattern, but I am patient so can wait. And I am keeping and eye out at your shop to see the quilts that you put up there… if you might ever need buttons, come visit my etsy shop!.


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